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About Bill

San Francisco journalist Bill Snyder has followed business, technology, and the business of technology for nearly 25 years at newspapers, national magazines and Web sites. He’s currently writing features and a weekly column -- “Tech’s Bottom Line” -- for InfoWorld.com; a consumer column for CIO.com, edits for IDG’s Content Works, and is a frequent contributor to publications of the business school at Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley.

He learned the bits and bytes of computers, chips and software during stints at PCWeek and PCWorld, where he was executive editor for news and later editor-in-chief of PCWorld.com. He was the technology editor at Business 2.0, wrote an online small business column for BusinessWeek, and worked at TheStreet.com, where he wrote the popular TechWeek column and covered technology stocks for an audience of investors.


  Some Recent Articles:

The Economics of Energy [Stanford Business]
START IN SANTA BARBARA, CALIF., and drive north along the twisty coastal highway to San Luis Obispo. Turn right and head east to the hot, grassy Carrizo Plain an hour or so away. [more]

IBM's Palmisano: Tech's slumdog millionaire [InfoWorld]
IBM's cruel layoff options: Take a job in the Third World and lose your severance, move within the United States at your expense, or lose both your job and severance. [more]

How Did IBM Avoid Becoming Extinct? [Stanford GSB News]
It's almost axiomatic that business is a Darwinian struggle. But what that means is far from clear. Do businesses, like living creatures, survive because they learn to adapt to a changing environment? [more]

The Internet Sales Tax Scam that’s robbing local government [CIO]
Would you prefer to save $40 a year in sales tax on purchases you made on the Web, or watch your house burn down when the fire department takes 30 minutes to get there? [more]

Vietnam's Market Economy Leaves the Poor Behind [San Francisco Chronicle]
(12-08) 04:00 PST Ho Chi Minh City -- At 16, Xuan Phuong left her home in central Vietnam to join the Viet Minh's struggle against the French in 1946. [more]

Nobel Laureate Sharpe on Retirement Economics [Stanford Business]
With millions of baby boomers closing in on retirement age, saving money for a comfortable old age is nearly as popular a conversation topic as sex. [more]